[AIT2] andreyb validator

  • I have been running nodes for more than a year, during this time I have installed nodes of such projects: Aptos, Masa Finance, Massa, Minima, Moonbeam, Casper, Solana, Hopr, Zeigeist, Bit.Country, Aleo, Ironfish, NYM, Streamr, SSV, Polkadex, Evmos, Archwey, Gear, Subspace, Celestia, Penumbra, OmniFlix, Kichain, KYVE, Starknet, Sui.
  • I put all the nodes myself, I am not a member of the organization. I speak English, Ukrainian Russian.
  • Twitter: @andrey_boreyko
    Discord: Andreyboreyko#3119
    Telegram: @andreyboreyko
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