[AIT2] Anastasiyaavls

Hello, Aptos!

My name is Anastasia.

I am looking for tenders throughout my country. The website of the company I work for: www.rostender.info .

My plans:

I’m new to the crypto industry. I am very interested in studying this area. I hope that in the future I will be able to devote time only to this and I will be able to fully understand it.

My skills:

I follow the development of Aptos, I supported the node at the Devnet stage. I also participated in AIT-1, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to pass. I have a great desire to take part in AIT-2, I really hope that I will be lucky enough to get into AIT-2. I believe that Aptos has great prospects!

How to find me:

You can chat with me on my Telegram, Discord or Instagram. My name is Anastasiyaavls.

Even if I fail to pass this stage, I will continue to follow and stay with Aptos. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to develop. Good luck to the Aptos community!

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