[AIT2] alpertungax

Hello. I’m Atilla from Turkey. I am an old linux user. I’ve been in the crypto world since 2021. And I am running node. I have been involved in many projects.
I’m an active node runner: Paloma, Sei Network, Quicksilver, Kq Cosmos, Hermes, Sui Network, Subspace, Minima

I like to learn new things… When I have time, I help people. I will be glad if you vote.

Turkish and English

Good Luck Everyone

Setup: AWS EC2 with 6 vCPU Cores 16 GB RAM 300 GB NVMe

Tg: @bursalee1
Discord: axinous1#0336
Twitter: @JackSparrowx11

TestNetRun Explorer: https://explorer.testnet.run/
TestNetRun Documents: https://book.testnet.run/


It’s a nice experience. I hope you have luck