[AIT2]alfsetalfset Validator

For Comunity To Comunity

Hey Guys, hope You all have a great days
Let me introduce my self

I’am Alfino From somewhere in this planet. Especialy in the beautifull country name as indonesia
Im solo developer and also solo node operator. My first node was back in the 2019. Now i curentlly running Peaq, SubQuery ,and also Akash Node.
Why im join this Node. As a enthusiast of blockchain and web3 this project have a good and experience comunity members also hopefully for the The Aptos team Will look this comunity and support them back.

Hopefully all validators can Join This Testnet Node for create some experience on node operator in Aptos to Join The mainnet node

Join and also Vote up for this

My Resource

My Node Name: AlfsetAlfset
Telegram : @alfsst
Discord : @alf#9828