[AIT2] Alexfox Validator

Hi everybody!
My name is AlexFOX, I’m from Moscow.
I have a great experience in IT industry, more than 10 years.
In the crypto industry since 2015, I have been cooperating with many large blockchain projects.
I’m a validator of mainnetworks: KiChina, Mina, Solana.

Participated in all major testnets: Hopr, chainflip, Mina, Spacemesh, Moonbeam, Axelar, Aleo,Nym, KiChina, RIZON, SOLANA, OmniFlix.

Speak Russian and English
Discord: AlexFOX#9026

I use only dedicated servers in Hetzner and Contabo.
I’m at my monitor 24 hours a day, no days off.