[AIT2] Al2020 validator

Hello, everyone)
I am a researcher in crypto industry, annalise whitepapers of new different crypto projects; have been running validator and full nodes in different projects for 2+ years.
I started my work in crypto space from 2017 as an investor and researcher.
Today I am part of the team of professionals: IT specialists, node operators, validators, developers, professional problem solvers with critical thinking, working with high loaded systems with 2+ years of experience.

I have been running a node with Aptos
from March, devnet, also applied for AIT1.

I also ran (or have been running) nodes in other top projecs: Subspace, StarkNet, Celestia, Mina protocol etc.

I am from Ukraine.
Languages: Russian, English.

My contacts:
Discord Al2020#6480
Telegram @Ntftx
Tech details:
Use for dev-, testnets cloud servers from Contabo, Hetzner.
Current config.: 4/8/400, pref.uptime 24/7