[AIT2] A33node Validator

Hello! My name is Andrey.
I’ve been in crypto since 2017. Like many here, my first step was to participate in the ICO.
After that, in 2020, I discovered a surprisingly interesting technological side of the crypto world and began to take part in tesnets.
Nowadays I’m mainnet validator in such projects: FirmaChain, Ki Chain, IDEP, Nomic, Cyber, BitCanna. Took part in more than 70 tesnets, such as Casper, Hopr, Evmos, Umee, Althea, Stratos, Massa, Kyve, Taraxa, Swarm Bee, Lukso, SSV, and many others. Participating in a lot of tesnets helped me to improve my skills.

I prefer to use high–quality servers. It’s better to pay more for good hardware than lose time solving cheap–server technical problems.

Thank you for your attention, I’ll be glad to receive your votes. :white_check_mark:

Have a good luck, Andrey!