[AIT2] 뺘냐냐#5624 validator

Description :
Hello, I’ve been thinking about how to solve the blockchain trilema. I’ve seen a lot of Layer 1 project code myself and I’m an expert in data analysis. Each Layer 1 project had its own perfect concept, but it had a lot of problems. Rather than addressing the trilema problem, it also posed many problems with its own chain. So I’m looking at Aptos as the most innovative Layer 1 project. I am confident that my excellent community ability in Korea will all combine intelligence and become good node operators. There is no doubt about my ability to run the community. The combination of my development and community operational capabilities than one smart developer is tremendous.

Information :

  • Organization: Korea public official
  • Location: South Korea
  • Language: Korean, English
  • Ability: Community management, Programming languages
  • Discord: 뺘냐냐#5624