[AIT2] 5 Elements Nodes

Greetings everyone,

We are 5 Elements Nodes, a collective of diversified figures, among which a sysadmin with 15 years experience working for a research center, an informatics engineer and Web3 developer, an experienced social media manager and an all rounder blockchain investor. We aim to bring the best commitment and results to the projects we validate for.
We are currently running several nodes in testnets, devnets, mainnets and we’re managing several Italian official communities.

Supported Networks Overview

Currently active nodes: Celestia devnet fullnode, Aptos testnet fullnode, Aptos testnet validator node, Forta Network scan node (both on Polygon and Ethereum), Sui devnet, Polkadot and Kusama (1kv with different name since it’s a collaboration), BTC fullnode.
We have accurately chosen to locate our validator node in Iceland and our fullnode in Germany in line with the decentralization purposes of the blockchain.

Social Infos

You can check our socials and our website, and of course feel free to reach us out! You can find us at https://www.5elementsnodes.com/ where you will find an overview of our supported networks, a description for each of them, and of course the local Italian Telegram communities we manage.
We are proud to be admins of the Aptos Italian Community, feel free to join us here: Aptos Italia
We also manage other Italian communities, so feel free to ask and participate with us in light of the new developments this environment is always bringing us!

Technical Details

We rely only on the best VPS hosting providers, our data centers are widely spread to give a better geographical distribution to the projects we operate for, but we mostly rely on specific providers, we have worked with VPS and dedicated servers by Contabo, Digital Ocean, Hetzner and others. The hardware we have used spreads from low cost specifics to full fledged high performance machines (up to 128gb RAM) and we are always granting an uptime > 99%.
We commit ourselves to stick to a rigorous set of best practices, keeping our ssh access with rsa_keys, disabling root login, and closing all firewall doors apart from the mandatory ones.

As already stated we would be honoured to be validating for Aptos team and to onboard new members and participants to our friendly communities.
Let’s support the project and we wish good luck to everyone.

Your sincerely,
5 Elements Nodes team