[AIT2] 1to validator

Team: highly experienced DevOps and coders

Most valuable experience: we created our own pool for Aleo, made gpu algo work, fixed bugs and improved performance of the original code, and became one of the Aleo top 100 winners

Other experience: IronFish, SubSpace, Forta, ChainFlip, Mina, Cosmos based testnets/devnets

We are currently developing a project https://nod.run โ€“ node setup automation service. It supports deploying APTOS validator nodes in few clicks

Infrastructure: high performance bare metal servers in different locations. We use Ansible for deploying and Zabbix for monitoring.

GitHub: 1to-team ยท GitHub
TG: Telegram: Contact @aleo1to


These guys are very experienced professionals, I can confirm it as a user of their 1to pool.