[AIT] Martare validator

General information:

  • Hello, I have good experience in this field. I am a validator and an active participant in many projects including Ironfish, Starknet, Kyve, Nym, Minima and others.

I am passioned about crypto and dedicate a lot of time towards learning something new about it. I am interested in various new trends in the development of technologies. Recently I have started learning solidity in order to become a blockchain developer in the future.

I am a very hardworking person and ready to give Aptos as much time as necessary.
I hope we will work together.

Node server: AMD Ryzen5 3600, 64 GB RAM, 1TB NVMe
Server location: Germany

discord: martare#6186
telegram: MartarDestiny
twitter: https://twitter.com/GETATMEYNOT