[AIT-2]Validator Dacongming

Hello, everyone. First of all, Thanks to the Aptos team for creating an amazing project. We are a node operator committed to decentralization. Our team members are proficient in Java, c++, Python and other programming languages. Since its establishment three years ago, the team has deeply participated in the main network nodes of many projects and helped the early testing of projects, such as eth, fil, Chia, Solana, moonbeam, nym, Forta, ironfish, aleo, Aptos and other projects. We have thousands of highly configured servers scattered all over the world and are capable of providing supporting infrastructure for decentralization. We hope to have the opportunity to further participate in the test of the project and make our own contributions to achieve a great project with Aptos team


Community members are excellent. Thank the community for helping us. Good luck

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Believe yourself! You will success!!!

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