[AIT 2] marselif Validator 🇺🇦


My name is Misha.
I am from Ukraine (Ivano-Frankivsk).

Briefly about me:

Since 2007 - I have been working in various hosting companies, I am interested in web technologies. Created my own blog about technology and cryptocurrencies https://marsel.org.ua/
Since 2014 - I have been investing in cryptocurrencies.
in 2022 - I started working with nodes.

I’ve been following Aptos since the beginning and I really want to get into AIT2

Languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian
My discord: marselif#8392

Technical details: I use a server located in the Netherlands (Meppel, data center Serverius).

I will be grateful for your support!

Good job,
I am from Lviv)

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Підтримка для співвітчизника :wink:

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