[AIT-2] Kytyi team node operators

Hello. My name is Oleksandr.

I am not ordinary man from Ukraine, because i’m cryptoentusiast.

My friends and I are deep involved in crypto world since 2020. Our activities:

  1. Node running on our VPS servers, which try to rent in different parts of the world- Subspace, Quicksilver, Kyve, Starknet, Celestia etc;
  2. Testnets, too much for counting), but do them to improve our skills in crypto world and understend the development trend of industry - Exotic Market, Folks Finance, Kyve, MELD, many different trading markets, new wallets, new bridges, new staking platform and much much more;
  3. Airdrops - some underestimate this tipy of activity, but we can learn the trend of movement of crypto activities: what is popular now, what problems the sosiety try to solve etc;
  4. Ambassadors programs - yeah, why not - we try to be part of the best crypto proojects and contribute our knoledge;
  5. Social activity - we make articles, video material, social post about our activity.

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Telegramm: @kytyiboy

Discord: kytyi#8132

Technical details: using VPS (8/16/600 GB) OS: Ubuntu 20.04 (64 Bit)

Twitter: @kytyiboy

Vote for our team and you will not regret.