[ait-2] forgotten semicolon

Forgotten semicolon

First of all, I am a computer engineer. I have knowledge on cyber security and network engineering. In addition to these, I am the manager of many blockchain projects in Turkey. I also produce content on forums to help tons of people join testnets in these projects. I do all this for free and for communities to grow and become better. it is also our biggest motivation to make our communities learn about ecosystems at the testnet stage.We are happy that other people are learning how to set up nodes and can provide early support to projects.

General information: Ruesandora community

Groups I manage

  • Obscuro Turkish
  • Sui Turkish
  • Espresso system Turkish
  • Quai network Turkish
  • Sei network Turkish official
  • Another-1 Turkish
  • idep network Turkish
  • Laconic network Turkish
  • Stafi protocol Turkish
  • Kujira network Turkish
  • Paloma Turkish official

Mainnet validator


I’m part of the reus community, thank you for all the incredible things you have given to people in turkey

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Muhammed is a good person and a very kind supporter. I support you, man.

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he is an expert on testnets. I trust your information

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Forgottensemicolon is a talented and eager friend and he always likes to learn new stuff and shares his own experience. He could definitely be a nice addition to the AIT2 phase :wink:

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