[AIT-2] Beta [Synclab]

Hello, dear Aptos community! Excited to participate in Aptos Testnet & Aptos Community Program=)

I would like to grow in this project, learn new things, improve, but at the same time bring value to and community. I want to contribute to Aptos, learn interesting things about Aptos system being inside. I am excited about new Move language and want to interact with Move dev kit tools too. I’m running the Aptos node since the first day of the devnet release)

My team (Synclab) and I have sufficient experience working with nodes (more than 50 projects) and contributing to improving projects. We validate several mainnet networks, such as Solana, Nym Mixnet, Forta, Starknet and others.

In our work, we use various systems for monitoring the status of nodes (Grafana, special bots and others), and these tools combined with a large and experienced team, allow us to achieve almost 100% uptime in all projects in which we participate.

In addition to nodes, our team actively helps crypto projects both in the field of developing useful tools, but also in the field of supporting ordinary users who encounter various issues and questions, both related to maintaining nodes, and general ones related to the project (technical and community moderators).

Lil bit about me: I’m Beta, a cryptoenthusiast, investor, researcher, validator) Skills: experience in running a node / validation, participation in various testnets, management and building of the crypto community, ambassadorship, DAO delegation, translation of technical documentation, creation of videos, organization of cryptomeetups.

I believe that AIT participants need to share knowledge, help newbies and other people in all the different issues/questions related to Aptos.

Discord: Beta#0963
Telegram: @ZhouiQuan
Website: synclab.team

I know this smart guy, he is good specialist with high skills, I’m going to vote him