Airdrops are really fun

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I can imagine you’ve been one of the lucky ones :joy:


I hope I get lucky now
How do I get the badge though

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Still waiting to get my first drop :cry:. I hope aptos is my escape ticket out of trenches


Yes of course bro

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:saluting_face: hoping to see more of this

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Lfg. This is really fun


I try my best​:joy::joy:

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Click on the three bar icon on top right. You’ll the “badges” section. There are guidelines there.

You’ll get it soon enough

Hope I get in this time, this forum is a bit confusing to use thought :grimacing:

Airdrops are fun and money
And then unity
It’s unites the people who wins to win more

You’d get used to it
Soon enough bro😎
Just keep coming

Definitely bro

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sure they are

I will like it to be more responsible like that of Aptos :heart::heart::heart:

Hope I get lucky someday

airdrops are easy way of making money

There is. No doubt this is going to be louder but pls there should no be partiality

We’ll get there. We just need to keep the energy up