Airdrop potential for Aptos

Ready to participate in the next APTOS #Airdrop ? Increase your chances with these easy steps:-

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:one:Introducing Aptos:

A Layer 1 blockchain built on Move language by the core members of #Facebook 's Diem team.
With its innovative #PoS blockchain model, Aptos tackles #L1 market challenges effectively.

:rocket: Secure, scalable, and decentralized, Aptos empowers validators based on stake weight.
Rigorously tested for utmost security.

:two: Tokenomics of Aptos:

Total supply - 1,033,725,049 tokens.
Community allocation - 51.02%,

giving the community a significant say in the ecosystem.
The first #airdrop round distributed 2% (20M tokens) among 110,235 eligible addresses.

Stay tuned for #Aptos #Airdrop Round 2!

:three: Step 1: Joining the Aptos Forum and Interacting

1⃣ Visit #Aptos Forum: []
2⃣ Click “Log in” on the top right corner.
3⃣ Choose login method: #Discord #Google or #GitHub
4⃣ Select Google and sign in with your preferred account.
5⃣ Enter your desired username
6⃣ Read and agree to Aptos Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, then continue.
7⃣ Start engaging with the Aptos community on the forum.

:four: Step 2: Create a Martian Wallet

1⃣ Download the #Martian Wallet Chrome extension: []
2⃣ Click ‘Add to Chrome,’ then ‘Add extension.’
3⃣ Access the wallet by clicking on the Martian Wallet extension.
4⃣ On the new web page, select ‘Create a new wallet.’
5⃣ Read and accept the privacy policy.
6⃣ Create and confirm a password.
7⃣ Click ‘Continue.’
8⃣ Safely store the provided seed phrase, never share it.
9⃣ Click ‘Continue’ again.
:keycap_ten: Choose notification settings and proceed.
1⃣1⃣ Click ‘Finish.’
1⃣2⃣ Your Martian Wallet is now set up!

:sparkles: Engage in Aptos swaps .

:five: Step 3: Create a Pontem Wallet

1⃣ Download #Pontem Wallet extension: []
2⃣ Click ‘Add to Chrome,’ then ‘Add extension.’
3⃣ Access the wallet by clicking on the Pontem Wallet extension.
4⃣ Select ‘Create Wallet.’
5⃣ Create a strong, unpredictable password.
6⃣ Click ‘Create.’
7⃣ Once the wallet is created, click ‘Finish’ to complete the process.
8⃣ Find your seed phrase by clicking on ‘Resolve.’ Keep it secure and don’t share it.
9⃣ Ready to go! Perform swaps, bridges, and stake with Pontem Wallet.

:six: Step 4: Create Multiple Aptos Wallets

Explore a variety of Aptos wallets for different features and preferences:

1⃣ #Petra : Official Aptos Wallet - []
2⃣ #Martian Wallet: Best Self Custody Aptos wallet - []
3⃣ #TrustWallet : Best Multichain Wallet - []
4⃣ #Pontem Wallet - []
5⃣ #Fletch Aptos Wallet - []
6⃣ #Binance Wallet - []
7⃣ #Fewcha Wallet - []
8⃣ #EvoWalletAptos - []

Choose the wallets that suit your needs and enhance your Aptos experience!

:seven: Step 5: Interact with Aptos NFT Marketplaces

Explore these top #Aptos #NFT marketplaces for buying, selling, and discovering unique digital assets:

1⃣ #bluemove : Testnet version with own NFT collection creation, exclusive whitelisted collections. Connect your wallet and start trading! []

2⃣ #Topaz : Discover and trade NFTs with a special #Launchpad feature for showcasing digital goodies. No native token yet, but join the NFT market! []

3⃣ #Souffl3 : Recently raised $2M in a Seed Round, with a community verification program and upcoming token release.
Get ready for buy-sell action! []
Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Aptos NFTs and enjoy the creative possibilities!

:eight: Step 6: Join and Interact on Aptos Names Platform

1⃣ Visit #Aptos Names: [ ]
2⃣ Click ‘Connect Wallet’ on the top right corner.
3⃣ Choose your preferred wallet option.
4⃣ Enter your wallet password to unlock.
5⃣ Read and accept the terms and conditions, then click ‘Approve.’
6⃣ Authorize any pop-ups from your wallet and switch the network.
7⃣ Under ‘Your Aptos identity starts here,’ enter your desired domain name (mix of alphabets and digits for lower domain fee).
8⃣ Click ‘Register.’
9⃣ Congratulations! You’ve joined the Aptos Names platform.

:sparkles: Explore and utilize the platform to the fullest.

:nine: Step 7: Utilize the Aptos Bridge

1⃣ Visit Aptos Bridge official website - ( APTOS BRIDGE by LayerZero )
2⃣ Click ‘Connect Wallet’ on the top right corner.
3⃣ Choose your preferred wallet to link with the bridge.
4⃣ Approve all pop-ups from your wallet to connect.
5⃣ In the upper ‘from’ section and lower ‘to’ section, select the networks.
6⃣ Choose the token type and amount you wish to bridge.
7⃣ Click ‘Transfer.’
8⃣ Approve any additional pop-ups to complete the bridging process.
9⃣ Your funds will be successfully bridged!

:sparkles: Enjoy seamless token transfers with the Aptos Bridge.

:keycap_ten:that’s it!
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