Airdrop Positionings and criteria

We all know that there are so many airdrops we are all anticipating but the issue is “Are you going to be eligible or not?”
Most of us have been excluded from an airdrop even though we partake in the campaign,testnet etc
It really a good thing to position well so as to be well prepared for any criteria they want to use


Yh! Transaction volume should be one of the criteria.


Yeah it’s sad though :weary::joy:


Same here but how high the volume should be
I guess we are all guessing base on ARB criteria

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That feeling when you are left out even though you did the same thing with others :sob::sob::sob:

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I guess $1000 is cool. Everything is just speculation.


That should be like the minimum, right?

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I spent much more time in airdrops than tokens receive …

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Keep it up
Your time will come

Not luck but consistency

That true bro

i agree that your comment

I’m covered, i have done most of the tasks

Me too bro

we need good luck , not only positioning for being elegible, in my experience, and I don´t use to be lucky, althought I´m laborious …