Airdrop not receved if connected using discord instead of Gmail

i hope soon i will incredibly claim airdrop

i want airdrop, please

Is there any possibility airdrop 2 by APT

pourqrqoi nai je pas profet de airdrop 150pat
je viens de prender seuf 0.025

they don’t care about real users. My friend and I have joined the AT2 node and have been active in the forum since August but did not receive the airdrop email .

Hi, I have joind the airdrop with discord account, i don’t received the airdrop, pleaqse help

I’m also not received any airdrop very unfair,
I have zero NFT but and login with email but I’m not received any airdrop

I participated with testnet AIT1-2-3, but can’t claim drop, because i logged in with discord, please check it.
discord: ttggbb#4601
node ip:
full_node_network_public_key: “0x2356a4b49c973099f72dc300b576a69777e559bca370b0b90b2000414fcf7215”
Node: account_address: 17af335c3466874bc03badff73327a9f342e7dfbeab05c68f2b151097c515c98

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it’s time to close this topic

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