Airdrop Information

As we’re coming closer to the next halving we can expect bitcoins prices to continue to grind up, if you’ve been in the game long enough you understand that when prices are up and things are going well companies like to airdrop their tokens to maximize profits.

Their many projects building that I would consider taking a deep dive into and playing around with their Test-nets/ Main-nets. If you have little capital and a lot of time and really want to make it in crypto, hunting airdrops is probably the best way Imo or degening and trading meme coins but that’s a lot riskier.

Here’s a list of upcoming projects that I believe will be airdropping tokens in the future:

  • zksync
    -Layer zero
  • Venom
  • Scroll
  • EigenLayer
  • Base
  • PolygonZKEVM
  • Aptos