Airdrop in web3

Its no longer news to what Airdrops have done in the Web3 space.

Before i go further let me tell us what Airdrops are: Airdrop is a reward for participating in a task or engaging in community with the sole aim of building strong solidarity with the community members and supporting the project.

Airdrop is also a way of marketing were which the project brief the people of what they are going to get in reward fore active participation.

Airdrops comes in Diverse format:
! Testnets

! Node running

! App testing

! Mainnet Retroacives


Airdrops in Testnet format is usually testing a protocol, network, dapps, wallets before launch or before it goes live.

Airdrops in Node running format is running a node most times before launch to make sure the nodes will be running well on testnet.

Airdrop in App testing format just as the name implies is basically testing an application before launching most times seen in minning apps or gaming projects.

Mainnet Retroactives This is basically using a platform dapps, mostly.

Keep in touch more info about Airdrops will be let out here on weekly basics.

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