Airdrop hunters?

I want to ask you a very important question. Please think carefully before you answer. Ever since you came in to crypto currency and Blockchain, you started earning from airdrops, what have you done to increase your knowledge about the space or better still invest in start ups or even build a solid project that will benefit the crypto community… have you added to the crypto space or you are just here to hunt and take away? Whats your take on people hunting for airdrop for donkey years?


for donkey years? :laughing: What do you mean?


Donkey years means lots of years…


Since I joined the crypto space, I noticed that I have gained a lot compared to when I was just hearing about it. For instance, before getting into it full well, I have always thought of crypto to be just BTC and ETH but now, I see that there are not only other tokens like APTOS, there are also niches in crypto like GAMEFI, DEFI, DEGEN and the likes. For me, what I can say is that it has been an amazing journey and I have grown to love :heart:
So I don’t just hurt, I also learn, relearn and unlearn to keep myself updated in the space.

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crypto is not a religion. Meny different people, with different interests , views, hobbys and objetives, can do different tasks and live together.
airdrop hunters seem me a funny group of people, like others (telegram overusers,for example)


Airdrop pays though. Just consistency and persiverance

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I need to learn more about crypto

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How many donkey years go into 1 dog year?

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You have said well but I don’t think you should regard airdrop hunters as funny people because they are making a lot of money but I still get the point you are trying to make. As much as I like airdrops, I won’t still regard it as a niche to me.

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There is 2-3 middle dogs in 1 middle donkey, I think.


Do you really think airdrophunters make a lot of money, or do they spent a lot of time for getting a little money . Maybe they should get more money working hard in any job. I´m not sure

I totally agree with you bro, crypto knowledge is dynamic… what you know today might not be what’s trendy tomorrow… so one has to learn and relearn all the time…

I totally agree with you… we cannot all be doing the same thing all the time… there will be developers and there will be testers… I just wish everyone will learn more while doing what he or she can

I totally agree… the more you learn, the more it will excites you

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You are always on point mate…

I personally have made lots of money from crypto airdrops but I really would want airdrop hunters to seek more knowledge

¿Where dis you so many money?

hahaha those are correct calculations where im from too :rofl: But how many Coyote years in Horse seasons?

Uniswap, furocumbo, dydx, optimism, etc