👀Airdrop Confirmation: Confirmed

Not free🤑
:eyes:Airdrop Confirmation: Confirmed
:eyes: Capital attraction: 18.5 million
:eyes: Layer: Two
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:Description: Currently, the test phase of the project has been completed, there is a series of tasks in Galaxy that somehow counts your activity on this network, and you also have to register transactions on different platforms (receiving and performing these badges and OATs is important for the project) has)
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Social network information of this project:
:eyes: Project Twitter (https://twitter.com/zkLink_Official) :arrow_right:
:eyes: Project Discord (zkLink) :arrow_right:
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Steps to do the work:
:eyes: Site link (zkLink | Galxe) :arrow_right: campaign in Galaxy (some tasks are optional, no deposit required)
:eyes: First week (Telegram: Contact @officialAirdropa) :arrow_right: quiz with link
:eyes: Second week (Telegram: Contact @officialAirdropa) :arrow_right: quiz with link
The task of this project:
:eyes: The site link (Zealy - Join the movement) :arrow_right: it has three rolls, if you could get it
Explanations about rewards:
:eyes: The first link (Announcing the New zkLink Loyalty Points System | by zk.Link | Aug, 2023 | zkLinkBlog) :arrow_right:
:eyes: Second link (Join zkLink’s “One-Stop” Summer Tour: Explore the Multi-Chain Defi-Verse | by zk.Link | Aug, 2023 | zkLinkBlog) :arrow_right:
Follow up the rest of the tasks yourself

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