Airdrop claims issues, Martian wallet error to be precise

  • It is just so sad that after large number of us participated in the testnet using the Martian wallet we cannot lay claims to the aptos airdrop. If I had known , I would have used Petra wallet. I just discovered that the Martian wallet I made use of was deleted. I got to know that Martian wallet wiped all existing wallets and some people had to start all over again. Unfortunately, I was not opportuned to. Something need to be done for us please

Yeah bro, I used Martian too. Also took part in AIT and ckaimed Zero NFT but not eligible, it is really upset.


You should use mainnet but your wallet is on Devbet please use petra wallet

My Martian wallet is on mainnet. Just a crazy world it is, martian wallet at a time had storage issues or thereabout and all records were erased. Some people had to start all over again. I did not get the information on time not until of late. Hope you were able to claim?

Sedih sekali wkwkwk tetap serok diawal pasti cuan