Airdrop and Badges

1.add profile photo and fill details this post :heart::heart:
3.put an emoji in this post​:hugs::hugs:
4.quote this post by:

~click replies
~then click on the sign “:arrow_right_hook:” which is at the top
~click “+ reply as linked topic”
~Fill in the details and keep posting

5.Comment on this post by clicking “reply” and tag friends with " @ " and add emojis
6.Create a topic post by:

~click this link 13
~click “+new topic”
~fill in details, add links, add emojis and tag friends by means of “@” in the post
~edit the post that has been posted by clicking on the pencil mark “:pencil2: all these posts and then click quote
8. share this post by clicking the chain link “:link:” on twitter and email
9. go to badges then select “read guidelines” then scroll down
10. like 50 posts​ :+1: