AiPTP Airdrop for all members

I have claimed over 600k AIB

:point_up_2:Guys do this now before they reduce the rewards oo

If TrustWallet and Metamask are not working please use BitKeep or Token Pocket wallet because that’s what I used and it’s working

Download BitKeep or Token pocket create a new wallet, backup phrases::

Follow instructions :point_down:

:heart:Step 1: First copy the link below, open your MetaMask and switch over to Ethereum MainNet after that, click on the browser and paste the link to enter the AIB website. Make sure it’s on the Ether network and click Signature

:heart:Step 2: Look near the Avatar and wait patiently until you see “Bind Email” at the top then click on it, enter your email, click on I am human, then click Send, go to your email to copy the code and paste then click on bind

:heart:Step 3: Click on the word "Go then click on Check In" to receive 10,000 AIB* =>> daily attendance to receive AIB (next day receive 2 times the previous day. 1st day you get 10,000 token, 2nd day you get 20,000 token and so on…)

:point_right:This is BitKeep’s partner, followed by VeDao :point_right:Soon Lauch (in Q2/2023 will list on Coinmarketcap & Coingecko)


Thanks for this. I’ll try it now

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Okay, on it… thanks for the update


Thanks bruh


good bro this is good project


Thanks for good news


Don’t forget to do this guys

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