Ai weekly update


If you’re using ChatGPT, change your password right now.
Over 100,000 login credentials have been leaked and sold on the dark web.
(Source: Hacker News)

2.Google is launching a new AI that allows you to see clothes on an AI generated model, while shopping.
(Source: Tech Crunch)

3.AI used to catch a thief
In the Phillipines, a man who stole a bag from street performers was caught using an approach similar to “enhance” that we’ve seen in spy movies.
(Source: u/mrlechon)

4 The Grammy’s have officially banned AI generated music from receiving their awards.
:thinking: My thoughts on this: I think we’ll see this reversed within the next 10 years when AI music (sadly) becomes the dominant form of music that we consume.


any free ai resources to share ? thanks …