AI FACE-SCAM becoming more

news that a Baotou boss was defrauded of 4.3 million yuan by an AI face swap instantly spread throughout his circle of friends, and three days later, the Anhui police announced another AI face swap scam involving the same amount of money.The Internet Society of China (ISOC) said in an official microblog post on May 24 that the application of technologies such as ChatGPT and GPT-4 has become a hot spot in the information technology field, causing widespread public concern and enthusiasm for AI technology, but along with the open source of deep synthesis technology, deep synthesis products and services are gradually increasing, and the use of “AI for face” and “AI for voice” and other false audio and video, fraud, defamation and other illegal acts are common, and reminded the public to be more vigilant in the face of new scams using AI technology, and strengthen prevention.AI face-swapping technology did not mature until recently; it took the world by storm as early as 2019, and the emergence of the face-swapping technology DeepFake in 2019 sparked huge ethical and legal controversies, but the technology had already proven that there was no threshold for “one-click face-swapping”, at least from a technical point of view.For example, compared to the previous naked eye can be more easily identified, in the wave of generative AI technology explosion, AI face replacement is becoming more and more trace-free.