After Sui mainnet what next?

Sui successfully launched its long-awaited mainnet, now the question is what’s next for the Layer 1 project? From my observations so far NFts under the ecosystem doesn’t seem to be doing well as a newly launched chain except for few (You can correct me if I’m wrong), we have already witnessed 6 defi projects that went South, and Nft devs coming up with high mint prices for their projects for a chain that’s not up to a week old? Now the big question is:

**Where do we go from here?
**What’s your thoughts about Sui long-term?
**Do you think degens are being over expectant because Aptos literally did well upon mainnet launch?

Let me know your thoughts :thought_balloon::thought_balloon:


It didn’t move as I thought it would tho but let’s be optimistic.

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