Aegis Procotol - Creating a trusted fair token sale ecosystem for Aptos Projects

  • Project Name / Organization : Aegis Protocol
  • Project Description: creating a trusted fair token sale ecosystem for the Aptos projects which it will benefit to all buyers, investors and project followers.

Aegis Shield - The main app of Aegis Protocol which the purpose of it is to minimize unwanted scams and the so called rug pulls. This will insure that the funds are used by the investors are 99.9% safe

Aegis Vault - The storage funds for Marketing such as Dev Funds, Exchange Listings or Payments or Auditing. The Team will create an Voting Process to the Barrier Token Holders so that the team can access, withdraw and even deposit on each time it’s needed.

Aegis Checker - Auditing process that creates a legitimacy of the project

Aegis Lock - It serves a way to prevent immediate sell-offs and rug-pulls after token releases.

  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem
  • Since Aptos is still in development phase and we also know that unwanted will surely arise when the Aptos chain is launch. By creating this kind of platform we can assure that Aptos users and investors can generate an assurance that their investment will be safe on investing a specific project.



Hi there! XR here from Blockchain Founders Fund. We’re a VC specialising in blockchain/web3.0 investments, and I’m keen to learn more about Aegis Protocol. Let me know if you’re keen to connect!

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Interested connecting with you XR

Awesome, can you please connect with me via telegram? This is my handle @xianrong

Thank you

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