Account is on hold

Hello everyone! I just got my Member badge.
But my colleague has not received it yet, although we registered almost in 1 day. His account is still frozen. We wrote to support, but there is no response.
Tell me what can be done? He has things that he wants to learn on the forum (deals with nodes)


may be you should interract with the community

If you are on hold, you can’t write reply :smiling_face_with_tear:

Check discord

how will this help?

yh you can reply or post any messages or link… you can only like the post alone and chat with discobot

my bf has same issue too

Did something helped?

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my bf has same issue too :rofl:

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nope… still on hold till now… in fact 2 months till now

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OMG, I don’t think admins are watching

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The problem has been solved! He wrote to the support in the discord and the admin took it off

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Hey! It’s me. Thank you for telling me to write to discorr :wink:

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