About WEB3 games

According to an article published by Decrypt, there have been many movements this year, such as suspending the game or changing the chain due to financial difficulties or strategy changes. It is summarized as follows.

:white_small_square: stopped developing: 157 blockchain games stopped developing in 2022 and 43 in 2023. Most of the suspended games were projects that started before 2021, and they had difficulty getting financial support.
:white_small_square: Financial difficulties: Most of the discontinued games were developed in small studios, with “AA” or “AAA” games rarely discontinued. Of Web3 games, 42% are categorized as “indy” games, and 40% are small and medium sized games.
:white_small_square: Increased competition for blockchain networks: The number of game-oriented blockchain networks has increased from 37 in 2022 to 53 in 2023. Many game developers are switching to Ethereum-compatible side chains or scaling networks, and 81% of current blockchain games use Layer-1 blockchain, not game-centric.
:white_small_square: Most Popular Blockchain Networks: In 2023, the most popular blockchain network is the Ethereum sidechain Polygon, followed by BNB Chain of Binance and Ethereum’s mainnet.


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