About wallet, Martian, petra wallet

I used Martian wallet, but i wanna change to petra. There is the problem because is many sites petra don’t work corretly. Hmm, maybe someone have any tips for me?


I think Martian is a good wallet


Though it depends

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why to change in the first place? im using both. but Martian is a way better

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Dude martian wallet is the best, continue using it.

Sorry about My wision, but I’m think so, Martian, petra wallet how importent (two) part off system and ecosystem (and important’s think off money’s, how instrument and first prioritter off desire many’s people’s, and point, somfing rank in life and logn historicall destination. But if understud cryptocorrency how people’s money, how say Robert Kiosaky, that mine that is democrathy (important’s rol’s of people in life and vector and people to peolpe role, how same powers and gramarly on FinTech and Solutionses finding, that mine that at future be exacly beter, effect of “giperdemocraty” (say at first Ortego-Jose, in Boock something “Mass control” - grete and wery cool book and geniusly philosopher of Spane). His ponaty of giperdemocraty is not only wan, of idea’s off Chanise koncept with idea and truth “world of familiar people” that mine that we exacly fastest and beter nowing this world and aure Planet, and beter knoledge hawe and how prospectors is, but, on ideas formaty and constructive dialogy with who exacly?
With nowing peolpe, and same interest from peolpe, that is future potentional or scaling effect or another word giperdemocraty effect, and that is cool and natural, how say Einstain (people’s with many Countrys Pass) and Nizshe something (we will know each other much better in the end and the course of time).

So Important off solution’s, what is exacly important to growing and growingup, that feell and future reason, and problems (inconvenience) and have and fille the reason and “powers of now time” Plus exacly powers of comunity reason’s and not only promo or Hayp effect, A at same beter effectivitty and reason’s for people. And haw? Exacly, Edu program, advise, solutions, and teacheng program, two make at own self - start up, realise beter self idea or ideas. What not enoth, what solution’s needed at future - how humanity proces and question.

And if about wallet you say My?) That is a part of ecosystem two importent - bit not only wan, and the ecosystem is stronger and be strongest - with same interest, intelligent in fact people’s, that make and create strong ideas, and realise with other’s same about solutions, practice’s and theorie’s. And make this cool They come up with cool solutions and suggestions for themselves and the masses, only through knowledge and empathy, but with potential and improvement.

So this is a task just for the masses, and the intelligent masses. I mean, not everything is in crypto? Not everyone knows this, and there is still no such involvement and it is not enough. And how interesting and pleasant is it to engage in crypto and their own development?) Because of Crypto, many want to earn money and prove to themselves, and even more so to their surroundings, that they are worth following, and that they (you) were right and were doing yourself in vain!? It seems so to me.

I have never experienced issues with Petra but Martian has more functionality at the moment. But, Petra is developing. Look forward to new functions.

martin is the best choice