About the Suggestions Category

This category is about coordination. Community feedback is crucial for ecosystem success, and we strive to always be improving our communication systems.

What can you do here?

Discussion about Aptos, this forum, its organization, how it all works, and how to improve:

  • Make Public Recommendations
  • Share Updates for Accountability
  • Help To Inform Decision Making
  • Vote on suggestions to help guide Aptos

Please post your ideas in the Suggestions Category, or click on an existing suggestion to view and vote on it.

:construction: Work in Progress :construction:

Everyone is welcome to participate! Your insights are much appreciated :sparkling_heart:


Welcome to the Aptos fam & community🥂


gm aptos community this is the start of a great project i believe :herb:

I really wish we can get back to this right now and start building the community immediately