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AptosGO by GateOmega

Dear All,
We are working on a new app providing data insight, monitoring and alerting tools.
Your support for testing our MVP and feedback are appreciated.
We will keep you posted!
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Post : Mole launch on Aptos
Please refer to What is Mole - Mole Docs for details.

  • Project Name / Organization

    Name : Mole
    Organization : Mole Finance https://mole.fi/

  • Project Description: Goals, Plans, etc.

    Mole is a DeFi protocol providing savings, leveraged yield farming and funds.

  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem

    Mole provides users with safe investment products with different risk levels including followings:

    1. Savings: provide secure and stable investment return.
    2. Leverage yield farming: provide multiple strategies under different market fluctuations.
    3. Funds: hedge market risks with high yield revenue.
  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline

    Mole has been launching on Aptos chain on Jan. 4, 2023

  • Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation

    Mole team is composed of a group of engineers who are passionate about digital cryptoassets. We have a strong interest and attainments in the fields of encryption algorithms, security and financial technology, thus forming the engineer culture atmosphere of Mole team.

  • Technical Architecture Overview, if applicable

    Please refer to What is Mole - Mole Docs for details.

    Mole provides users with safe investment products of different risk levels. It includes three products.

    1, Savings
    2, Leveraged Yield Farming
    3, Funds

1, Savings

Savings products provide users with the most stable investment income. Users deposit their token assets to earn two kinds of rewards.

Although savings may not produce the biggest return, they are the most stable and reliable products over time. When the bear market goes down, full of heavy rainstorm, you will love the savings products more and more.

Deposit Rewards

The Mole protocol lends the deposited tokens of savings products to the users of the leveraged yield farming by smart contracts. It can help users of the leveraged yield farming to raise leveraged positions, and charge the loan interests from them. These interests are named deposit rewards.

Deposit rewards are very stable. Mole provide a security mechanism robust enough to safeguard users’ savings. After the users of leveraged yield farming getting the loan of saving products, they cannot withdraw the loan for other purposes. Instead, the loan should be allocated inside the Mole smart contracts for the purpose of raising leveraged positions.

In addition, the Mole protocol has a powerful liquidation function. It can ensure high-level security.

The deposit rewards are compound interest. Mole believes in long-term value investment and the power of compound interest.

2, Leveraged Yield Farming

Mole leveraged yield farming is prepared to provide you a dragon slayer in order to protect you from the carnage that is now taking place in the world of investments.

Mole leveraged yield farming is aimed to make the most use of loan borrowed from savings products. The loan is used as a lever to magnify the impact of users’ own yield farming investment. The goal is to earn a higher rate of return while simultaneously paying a certain amount of borrowing interests on the loan.

Leveraging is risky. However, users are able to avoid investment risks with well-designed strategies. Users can receive larger returns while taking a lower risk with good strategies.

Mole will explain it for you in the following chapters.

Farming Strategies

The industrious and brave Mole can always find suitable weapons from the Arsenal when facing various crises lurking in the forest, face them bravely and calmly, and save the day. Just like the investment market, there are hurricane like storms and also colorful aftershocks.

Mole’s slogan is: “Hoe is wielded well. All farm can grow up.”

The following strategies can be used in Mole leveraged yield farming:

  1. Dual Stable Tokens Strategy

Because the users’ investment tokens serve as liquidity provider for the Dex in Mole leveraged yield farming, the price of LP will fluctuate with the price fluctuation of the two paired tokens. It is caused by the influence of the AMM market making mechanism. The price of LP moves in tandem with the price movement of the two paired tokens.

If you want to avoid too much uncertainty and fluctuation, you just want to collect stable and reliable returns. Then, the Dual Stable Tokens Strategy is a good choice. You can use two stable tokens to make LP pair. In this way, no matter how the token price fluctuates, you will be able to get stable and solid return with leveraged yiled rate.

Mole provides you with the bond fund. It uses dual stable tokens pair and makes improvements: Mole uses intelligent algorithms to automatically select the best loan currency and leverage for users, so as to maximize income.

  1. No Leveraged Strategy

This strategy is commonly used in other DeFi protocols. It is not leveraged, thus it doesn’t need to pay borrowing interests. There will be compound interest on your earnings since Mole will automatically reinvest them for you.

  1. LONG in Bull Market Strategy

In Mole leveraged yield farming, besides acquiring rich farming rewards, you can also get the investment return gained from the fluctuation of LP tokens. In a bull market, it is a good way to choose a token of which the price you believe will go up, open farming position to do LONG operation. You can amplify your investment return by leverage.

High leverage naturally means bigger risk. When the direction of the fluctuation is the same as the direction in which your investment is going, the leverage will result in more profits. But it will also bring more losses when investing in the wrong direction. You should keep avoid risk and invest within the scope of risk tolerance.

In case the value of LP falling down due to market fluctuation, you can still obtain the Mole leveraged yield farming rewards. It can make up the market fluctuation loss.

  1. SHORT in Bear Market Strategy

If you predict that it is a bear market, the token price will probably fall down. Then you can open a farming position to do SHORT operation to take advantage of the market fluctuation. You will be able to obtain not only rich farming rewards, but also the income brought by the decline in token price.

Mole warns you to keep the risk under control because higher leverage can bring not only significant farming rewards, but also more price fluctuation.

  1. Balanced and Hedge Risk Strategy

You may want to know, is there a strategy that can be used in both bull and bear markets without being adversely affected by market fluctuations? Is there a technique that can protect against the market fluctuation, at the same time making profit from the yield farming rewards with high leverage?

The answer is yes. As following two methods:
a) Balanced strategy - Single position
b) Hedge strategy - Dual positions

The main principles of these two methods are as following:

Open one or two positions. Make the two paired LP tokens to be one is unstable token and the other one is stable token. Let the exposure of unstable token be the same amount for LONG and SHORT positions respectively. By doing this, the net exposure of unstable token will down to zero. The zero net exposure of unstable token can avoid market fluctuations. At the same time, you can earn rich yield farming rewards with high leverage.

The proportion of two paired tokens of LP will changes accompanying tokens price changes. It has to be rebalanced to keep the LONG and SHORT exposures the same amount, so that the net exposures can be zero to avoid market fluctuations.

You can do the rebalance manually by adjusting the proportion. Fortunately, Mole can do the rebalance automaticly by these two products: balanced funds and hedge funds.

  1. 1x LONG Exposure Strategy

If you want to enjoy not only the yield farming rewards, but also the long-term value return that came from the cryptocurrency price going up. You can use 1x LONG exposure strategy.

Given that this strategy has an exposure of 1x unstable token, it will be impacted by the unstable token price. It is recommended to be used in mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH for long-term investment.

There are two kinds of 1x LONG exposure strategy methods:
a) 1x LONG exposure strategy - Single position
b) 1x LONG exposure strategy - Dual positions

Here is the brief introduction of these two methods:

Open one or two farming positions, Make the two paired LP tokens to be one is unstable token, the other is stable token. Let the net exposure of these positions to be 1x unstable token.

Mole also provides automatic rebalance in trend funds and index funds instead of manual, so that the net exposure remains 1x LONG.


In Mole leveraged yield farming, if the fluctuation of token price exceeds the liquidation threshold, the leveraged yield farm positions will be liquidated in time. It is a safeguard for the users of savings products. In fact, the liquidation is also a protection for users of leveraged yield farming. It help to prevent the value of the position from falling further in the face of severe market volatility.

In conclusion, Mole leveraged yield farm provides you with a wide variety of weapon suitable for different market conditions, so that you have enough financial tools to explore the dark forest, get out of the gloom, and enjoy the sunshine forest. Amazing~

3, Funds

Mole currently offers 3 types of 5 funds:

a) Type 1 : Robust stable, dual stable tokens

It contains Bond Fund. It has following advantages:

  • Extremely stable investing returns by using dual stable tokens
  • Mole intelligent algorithm will automaticly calculate the best leveraged rate and borrowing interests to maximize investing returns
  • There is no risk of being liquidated
  • Profit and loss is based on fiat currency standard

b) Type 2 : Neutralize market volatility risk:

It contains Balanced Funds and Hedge Funds. They have following advantages:

  • Neutralize market volatility to earn high and stable invest returns
  • Automatic positions adjustment, users only need one click to purchase, Mole automatically helps to complete all the background operations
  • There is no risk of being liquidated
  • Automatic compound interest
  • Profit and loss is based on fiat currency standard

c) Type 3 : 1x exposure, following mainstream token price fluctuations:

It contains Trend Funds and Index Funds. They have following advantages:

  • Track price fluctuation of corresponding cryptocurrency, and enjoy not only the long-term value growth of price goes up, but also rich farming rewards.
  • Automatic positions adjustment, users only need one click to purchase, Mole automatically helps to complete all the background operations
  • There is no risk of being liquidated
  • Profit and loss is based on cryptocurrency (such as ETH, BTC) standard

Mole funds make all of the related operations automatic. The industrious and brave little Mole silently endures all the ascetic life of adjusting positions accompanying to the market fluctuations. It brings you high yield farming income. More important, these funds will not have the risk of liquidation. Amazing world!

  1. Bond Fund

Bond Fund is constructed based on the dual stable tokens trading pair in the leveraged yield farming, which has extremely high robustness.

Bond Fund Tech. Details:

Mole Bond Fund automatically adjusts the optimal leverage and borrowing token by intelligent algorithms to maximize investing revenue.

  1. Balanced Fund

Balanced Fund uses the strategy ‘Balanced strategy - Single position’ that was described earlier.

Balanced Fund Tech. Details

When you buy balanced fund product, Mole will open one position in leveraged yield farming for you.

  1. Hedge Fund

Hedge funds are based on the strategy ‘Hedge strategy - Dual positions’ described earlier.

Hedge Fund Tech. Details

The essence of Mole hedge fund is to hedge the LONG and SHORT exposures of two positions, so that the net exposure of fluctuations are zero.

  1. Trend Fund

Trend funds are based on the strategy ‘1x LONG exposure strategy - Single position’ described earlier.

Trend Fund Tech. Details

Trend fund will open one position, and make the net exposure to be 1x LONG position.

  1. Index Fund

Index funds are based on the strategy ‘1x LONG exposure strategy - Dual positions’ described earlier.

Index Fund Tech. Details

The essence of Mole index fund is to aggregate exposures of two farming positions, so that the net exposure is 1x LONG cryptocurrency.

  • Key Risks & Challenges

Mole team is seeking support and help from the community, hoping to provide more and better financial products for the community.


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