About the Projects Category

Discover the Aptos ecosystem! Use this category to introduce projects, connect with our community, share updates, ask questions, and openly discuss feedback.

Process: How To Create a Project Post

Step 1 ~ Add New Topic in the #Projects Category

You can save a draft to be published later.

Step 2 ~ Write Project Post and Reply to this Topic with a Link

Use the below template, and refer to examples in the community.


This template can also be found by creating a new topic in the #projects category.

  • Project Name / Organization
  • Project Description: Goals, Plans, etc. Images can help show your vision.
  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem
  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline
  • Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation
  • Technical Architecture Overview, if applicable
  • Key Risks & Challenges

Project Categories

  • Tools + Integrations
    • Wallets
    • Fiat Ramps
    • Oracles
    • Analytics
  • Developer Tools
  • Move Libraries
  • Applications
    • NFTs
    • Games
    • DAOs
    • Social
    • DeFi
  • Education: Learning Resources
  • Bridges → Interoperability

Step 3 ~ Apply for a Grant and Find Community Support

Our team is happy to help! You are welcome to contact our @admins

Projects Platform

We are hard at work on what we’re calling the “Projects” Project- a wide variety of features in the community platform that allow project creation, management, grant applications, and more! For now, we invite you to share info / updates here on the forum :slight_smile:

Forum Fridays

On a weekly basis, the Aptos Labs team will publish community highlights, and we would love to feature your forum posts and other links. Please share updates in advance of each “Forum Friday.” We will discuss relevant content at #move-mondays and Workshop Wednesdays.


Thanks for leading the way! Excited to learn about the projects building on Aptos. Cheers!


Looking forward to seeing who’s building here and finding ways to collab :handshake:


Hi @merqtio , we are looking for contributors for a community driven project!
Let me know if you are interested!


absolutely! let’s chat further


Thanks for sharing it!


Hi, anyone looking for a copywriter or community administrator?


@lvmh That sounds amazing!

If you will require any content creator or comms team members, we would be happy to contribute.

An example of our work:-
THORChain: https://twitter.com/THORNOOBs/status/1540625723958108161
LearnZenon: https://twitter.com/LearnZenon/status/1549837248195338240

We have experience in posting bi-weekly recaps and other educational content for these projects. Currently looking for an emerging ecosystem to contribute to.

Looking forward to contributing to Aptos! :raised_hands:


hi, @henrycn you can send me a dm on discord! lvmh#5388


Awesome, you can send me a message on the discord! lvmh#5388


Hi, thanks. I could not trace your discord profile. Maybe a link would help or Twitter profile.

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Aptos , ALL IN ONE :grin::grin::grin:


Thank you so much for introducing the grant program, much appreciated for the assistance and advice from the community.
I just have a couple of questions please:) @admins

  1. When will you announce the approved projects? And any details about these approved projects could be shared with us right now? also the deadlines?
  2. What is the amount of the grant?
    Many thanks! :smiley:
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I guess all details will be announced after Mainnet, but not sure :slight_smile:


Hi @carine! Thanks for your questions. We don’t have any details about the grants program to share, other than what is in the blog post. Please keep an eye out for updates.

Your feedback is much appreciated :relaxed:


that’s good… let’s do this


nice! Good project!

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Effort will not be in vain

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Good project!

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a very nice idea

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