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This category is about infrastructure. Here is a list of Aptos Incentivized Testnet 2 (AIT-2) validator profiles, where you may review details, ask questions, and further discuss relevant issues.

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Ultimately, the goal of our incentivized testnet program is to prepare this community to launch a production-grade mainnet. Together, we are building a secure, reliable, and decentralized network.

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MoveMove Community Validator:


Application for AIT2 on behalf of 5 Elements Nodes


I help not only the project, but also the people around me.

Thanks for the vote.


MoveMove Community Validator:


Thanks for useful info! Hope I filled it correctly :thinking: :smiley:

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Hey everyone! Peep why you should vote for me here!

Gm fam, I am mempool ed and am network engineer from Europe. My background is in dynamically scaling clusters and large workload and compute infrastructure.
I run a small team with good technical knowledge and extensive blockchain background. We have participated in many testnets and helped support full nodes and masternodes
on many of the largest blockchain networks. I have more then 8 years of blockchain experience and am very familiar with the operations of most large and successful networks.

I look forward to running many full nodes as well as multiple validators for the aptos ecosytem. I first was introduced to this project when one of my researchers discovered this gem on CT.

Thanks for reading this and look forward to the bright future with aptos! Remember the name!

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thanks for sharing bro!

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good afternoon

Hey I like the challenge to create validator and fullnode! Was quite challenging but fun!