About the Free Chat Area in the Forum


I’m pinkly. I am an environmental engineer. I run a treatment plant. I do research on issues such as wastewater, greenhouse gases, carbon footprint, waste management. I live in a very unsocial city, so most of my time is spent researching and reading.

I also have an old grandmother, I visit her morning and evening. Talking to him gives him strength.

I am married, my wife and I love to follow web3, blockchain and similar technologies.

I wanted to say hello to you, I will read your posts with value.

There should be a free space where I can meet in the forum, this is a more private space than discord.

I didn’t win an airdrop, but I got the right to get to know you better. This gives me pleasure.

Accounts where you can reach me:

Aptos Wallet: 0x66efe27a6de684b767a779b85b6a508552ca22018a9d11f1dbaf967f5ff10ae9