About scammers - Idea Overcome

about this it is certain that everyone is very disgusted with their behavior, achieves their wealth or desires by deceiving people. I am one of the victims, I think almost everyone has experienced fraud.

Is it possible that Blockchain can delay Transactions? Blocking both wallets ? I would love to have a Blockchain that has Special Features that other people can use to secure their Wallet Like KYC during transactions, Can set the transfer time… or maybe create a password for the transaction. Only transactions can be made on the Aptos Wallet… If an unknown transaction occurs, the Owner can immediately postpone the Transaction. And the Aptos Team is the Intermediary… for this KYC is important and mandatory for developers …

I’m sure my explanation above, not everyone understands…

KYC For a wallet (Optional), If someone loses Phrase or Private Key , They can recover by providing the same ID and Wallet Address when completing KYC.

I believe this will continue to grow and experience changes.


This is a very touchy subject when you’re talking about having wallets KYCed. Crypto is supposed to be decentralized to a serious degree. I am for putting every mechanism in place to prevent those disgusting scammers from taking our hard earned money. It’s true that we all have fallen victim of these kind of attacks. However, there are certain principles we ought not to cross, and having one’s wallet KYC’d is one of them.

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no anymore after cbdc implement

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this is difficult to do, because it is full of pros and cons

I am for decentralization, but in general, scammers are calculated if they try