About bringing newcomers to programming and developers to Aptos

Hello Aptos community. In my opinion, now (in a bear market) it is necessary to attract developers or people who are starting to learn programming as much as possible. So quizzes and user activity (with a falling market will be ineffective). Therefore, I propose to the community. 1. Create a free video course on udemy.com (MOVE how to teach how to create smart contracts, NFT and more) 2. Contests for programmers with awards are mandatory. 3. Hold conferences among programmers and hackathons. 4. The community to make content how easy it is to teach Move and where to turn for help in learning. The main goal is to attract developers as much as possible, and this should be the goal in a bear market.


It`s a very very good idea!!! I fully support and am ready to contribute to everything.


Thx I think it is important!!! very important on early stage (and bear market)!


You have great idea