About aptos dapp

I heard that there are many users who have a headache due to the surge in Ethereum gas costs. It’s time to prepare the next airdrop just in case through APTOS DAPP. :innocent:

Let me introduce the DAPPs I researched
It’s already famous! :wink:

First, with TORTUGA Finance, you can lock Aptos tokens here and leave a transaction through Aptos Lock. (In fact, since it is a situation where you need to lock the spot, you need to use a loan or approach it with a small investment mindset.)


I think most people have used the Aptos Bridge while using Legero. Especially those who have used the Aptos Bridge through Legero probably know that it takes a considerable amount of time, around 2800 blocks, to interact from the Aptos wallet to other wallets. Therefore, most people who used Aptos for Legero transactions may have left less transaction volume or not used it at all.
For those who are preparing for Legero, I highly recommend using Aptos frequently, even just for Aptos purposes.

Next is Liquidity Swap. If you have used Legero, you may have already used it sufficiently through the bridge. However, the focus today is on the swap for Aptos. Recently, due to the meme coin issue and airdrop issue, gas fees for Ethereum-based tokens have skyrocketed. However, the gas fees and slippage losses for Aptos are less than one dollar, even at a value of 1000 dollars. It feels like a great deal.

Next is Aptos Name Service, which seems quite important. It is not an external team running a name service through Discord or Twitter, but an officially operated name service by Aptos. The period is fixed at one year. Why is it only one year? Will they distribute ETH within a year? (joking) The period is one year, but names with more than 5 characters are priced at 1 Aptos or 10 dollars, 4 characters at 10 Aptos or 100 dollars, and 3 characters at 20 Aptos or approximately 200 dollars. Whether you buy it for $100 or buy it for $2 million with a margin loan, DYOR.

Looking forward to good news…

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