About Aptos Airdrop

I won Aptos. Than you so much aptos. I love you. Together forever… :wink: :rocket: :rocket:

Go Aptos Ecosystem: https://www.aptos.systems/


How do you become eligible? :slight_smile:

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I clamed aptos zero nft and eligible. İf you are not eligible don’t worry open new topic everytime and day can give you apt coin. And don’t forget minting martian nft. Good lucks


Thanks truck, appreciate it :handshake:

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Hi. I received some tokens on my petra wallet. Much appreciated.
How do i use them . I believe that the airdrop was on testnet. Is there a use of them ?

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No you can’t use that anywher but ıf you continuous claim testnet nft they will send you APTOS COİN. İf you wonder a things please write me…

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how to solved this ?

İ bought Aptos Zero nft and they sent me but don’t worry look my profile there are a lot of airdrop. Good luck

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