Aark Potential Airdrop

Aark Digital is the first-ever Peer-to-Pool perpetual DEX on the Arbitrum network for professional traders. Here’s what they offer:

• Multi-collateral trading

• Leveraged LPs to boost APRs

• Varied trading pairs

$AARK airdrop confirmed in their latest Medium article: Medium

Testnet users will soon receive an NFT to prove their participation.

Airdrop strategy :dart:

Step 1: Get “Crew” role by completing tasks on galxe.com/AarkDigital/ca…: follow Twitter, join Discord, Telegram, and make a retweet.

Then head over to the “verify crew” channel on Discord and submit your wallet.

Step 2: Head to playground.aark.digital/trade/ETH-PERP, connect your wallet and switch network to Arbitrum Goerli.

Then claim your testnet tokens.

Step 3: Head to playground.aark.digital/account/overvi…

and Deposit your tokens.

Step 4: Trade now and earn testnet points:

• Every $100 in trading volume = 1 point

• Collect over 90,000 points to claim your Boarding Pass NFT

• After the mainnet launch, your points transform into mystery tickets


Just hearing about this

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Well, you’re in luck my friend. A stitch in time they say, saves nine.

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Okay bro :ok_hand:
Let me go check it out

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great tip :wink:

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Already tested this platform and liked it. But Aptos is better!!! :heart_eyes: