A training course in the Move programming language

We all know that now in WEB3 there is a struggle for programmers. People who can develop in the programming language Move not so much and I decided to fix this. To increase the number of developers, I have developed a training course to study the programming language Move, which is a step by step understanding of the programming language Move, its functionality and how it is organized.

The course will consist of 4 chapters, each of which will be on 3 paragraphs. This information is due to the fact that all of the material at once learned is very difficult and not effective, because in the head will be confusing.

Each of the chapters will gradually immerse users in the study process deeper and deeper, thereby forcing the understanding of the previous and fully absorb the material.

Access to this course will be available through the website, which will make it easier to find the material you want. The site will be designed in the style of the official Aptos site. That allows you to understand its ownership and scope of use, but also will be a sign that the site is made by the community and the team is not related to him.

All lessons will be uploaded at once and everyone can take the full course at once if they want and start benefiting the ecosystem as soon as possible. Also in the future will be available in other languages of the world.

The goal of this course is to develop Move’s programming language. This will help attract more developers and help get started in Move and give everyone the opportunity to start creating and benefiting the ecosystem.

Give us an answer, what do you think about it? If there are translators among you, I would like to contact you and talk about translating the course.


This will help the project to develop the community and ecosystem as for me it’s very cool and even I’ll try to start learning the MOVE programming language

Many front-end developers have trouble getting into web3.We need to know how to develop our own Dapp, right.Such courses help developers better learn Move. *And improve the MOVE ecology. It’s cool

This is a good idea. Where are the projects?

What training methodology will you be providing to fast truck skills development among your students?

Good initiative