A secure, decentralized stablecoin for Aptos

• Project Name / Argo

• Project Description
USDA is a USD stablecoin on Aptos. It is fully-backed by high-quality assets like APT in Argo vaults.
USDA can be used like any other stablecoin.

• Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem
Argo is a lending protocol on Aptos that lets users collateral for minting and borrowing a dollar-
pegged stablecoin USDA.

• Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline
Argo unlocks liquidity for otherwise idle assets deployed in the Aptos ecosystem, and is currently
live on mainnet.

• Team
The Argo core team is composed of developers with many years of software engineering
experience in the crypto industry. Learning move (the smart contract language of Aptos) has been
fun and we are confident our experience will translate into Aptos. We previously worked at big tech
companies before transaction to DeFi full-time.

• Basic Overview & Terminology

(coming soon. page not yet public)

• Key Risks & Challenges
Argo plans to allow for a variety of volatile and stable assets to back USDA. If any single collateral
type is compromised, it could cause USDA to de-peg or incur bad debt for the platform. Thus, the
collateral assets listed on Argo must be vetted and monitored.


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stable coins are all fun and games until they lose peg.

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