A possible drop from arkham Intelligence

:fire:Arkham Intelligence Waitlist​:fire:

Arkham Intelligence is a project developed by the founders of Reserve protocol (RSR), with support from investors including the founders of Palantir and OpenAI, as well as VCs like Geoff Lewis at Bedrock and Tim Draper.

They will be launching their platform token, ARKM, soon.

You can join the waitlist here :point_right:Arkham

Once you are selected for the beta program, you can refer others to join and, as a referrer, you will be rewarded with ARKM tokens directly to your wallet. Although the exact conditions for earning tokens are not yet clear
This tool is a very useful web3 tool, you can check it out too, make good use of it.


Do you need to register before July, 3 to be eligible for airdrop, right?


Congratulations to those who hoped in

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so cool lfg