A large sci-fi SLG with 100,000 registered users

  • Project Name:GalaxyBlitz
  • Beta Test link:Galaxy Blitz
    Both Android and IOS versions are available and will end on august 12
  • Project Description: A sci-fi SLG game that has raised $10 million in toke funding and fully multi-round NFT sales on Binance NFT, Kucoin NFT, and OKX NFT
  • How to add value to Aptos:This is the first coc like game in the web3 field. Currently in beta testing, there are more than 100,000 registered users, and active IP addresses are mainly from the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, China, Brazil, Indonesia, and Vietnam.
    The BSC test chain transfer continued to exceed 100,000 during the 2-week test period, and the gameplay was fully guaranteed.
    Our game is compatible with web2 and web3, with the quality of web2 games, and can expand web3 to ordinary users on a large scale
  • Schedule:
    Currently in beta testing, You can fully experience the on-chain part of the game and the PVP and PVE of the personal growth part.
    We expect to conduct a public beta test from September to November, and then officially launch in November.
  • Team: The main members are from SuperCell Shanghai studio
  • Game screenshot:



Concept Art:
Black Hole Vault Players can store resource in the programmed multi-space to avoid being plundered by other players.
This implies that the blockchain is a mathematical space different from the real society, and this mathematical space can protect assets.

Planetary Eyes: Star Atlas Pioneering Architecture, Based on Mauna Kea Observatories

Wow guys, this looks great! And congratulations, success is so close! :blush:

It’s very cool I like this idea!

Looks amazing. How does it interact with the Aptos ecosystem? What is the benefit of this project? Is this just an advertisement for your game? I do not understand. Can you provide more information needed?


We are looking for a public chain to migrate from web2 to web3, currently BSC, and now maybe Aptos is a better choice. COC’s DAU is as high as 6 million.
One out of every 95 people on earth is or has been a COC player and this number is 23 in the US and 31 in the UK . If such a game is built on Aptos,web3 can become the mainstream of society.


good china

Thanks for the clarification. I wish you good luck

Don`t forget to add you twitter :smiley:

Thank you, hope to build Aptos together

Omgm this 3D looks amazing

The game looks cool i like zour space graphic, and a lot of people like this game genre (me too).
I wish you success!

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Thank you, the United States is not the largest market for gamefi, but it is the largest market for COC

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Our Economic Architecture Atlas

More information please