A brief run through on Msafe the most secured Multi-Sig Platform

MSafe launched the first multi-signature wallet on Aptos mainnet in Oct 2022. Since then, it has been adopted by decentralised exchange, decentralised finance, NFT developers and more.

Its wallet is designed to offer security, full interoperability and decentralisation to address the challenges in mass adoption of digital assets.

It was built on Move, which is a secure programming language for Web3. MSafe adds an additional layer of security on top of Move by protecting user wallets, assets, code and accounts, as well as providing a secure infrastructure for Move-based Web3 ecosystem.

MSafe connects businesses to the Move-based ecosystem and helps secure assets while enabling teams to co-manage on-chain assets together.

The company claims that over a dozen top Move-based projects on Aptos have integrated with MSafe for treasury management, smart contract deployment and blockchain protocol administrative control.

MSafe founder and CEO Wendy Fu said, “We created MSafe with a mission to provide more secure and decentralised financial services to scale digital assets management and transaction on-chain. Starting with the multi-sig non-custodial wallet🛅, we aspire to be a one-stop destination for institutions, enterprises, and individuals to manage and grow their digital assets,”

we welcome you all to join the great community.

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