8 Best Sites to Hunt Crypto Airdrops

By hunting cryptocurrency airdrops, you can earn anywhere from a few dollars on the low end to four or five figures on the high end. It can be a fun way to earn free crypto; however, you have to do it safely and know where to look.

Suppose you want to learn how to find airdrops correctly. In that case, this guide will cover a variety of topics including how airdrops work, different airdrop strategies, and most importantly, the best websites to find legitimate cryptocurrency airdrops. Let’s dive in.

Types of Crypto Airdrops

  1. Retroactive Airdrops
  2. Holder Airdrops
  3. Bounty Airdrops
  4. Exclusive Airdrops

1. Retroactive Airdrops

A retroactive airdrop happens when an existing blockchain project announces it will launch its native crypto token. It will reward early users who interacted with the protocol and performed certain tasks. You can claim retroactive airdrops by interacting with blockchain projects that plan to a launch a token in the future. These airdrops are not always guaranteed but usually, there is speculation and info that a project is working on a token. While these might be the most profitable airdrops, they are also uncertain since you don’t know what the qualifications will be or when the airdrop will take place.

How to Claim: Interact with blockchain projects that plan to launch a token in the future

Past Examples:

  • Uniswap airdropped $10,000 in UNI tokens to users that traded on their DEX before the UNI token launched. In total, they gave out around $350 million worth of tokens!
  • Ethereum Name Service gave away ENS tokens to users who registered Ethereum NFT domains. Many claimed up to $20,000 or more in this airdrop. The more domains registered, the higher the value of their airdrop.
  • Optimism distributed up to $50,000 in OP tokens for users who traded on their L2 scaling solution.

2. Holder Airdrops

In a holder airdrop, cryptocurrency is distributed to specific investors based on what they’re holding in their wallets. Since wallet balances are on a public ledger, developers can set up airdrops according to certain criteria. Blockchain projects will use holder airdrops to gain awareness or reward their existing community with new NFTs or tokens. :grinning:https://rankfi.com/crypto-airdrops/

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